Murder Mysteries & Fried Chicken

Yesterday, my good friend Katrina was kind enough to invite me along to the American Horror Story Murder Mystery press event. It was to publicise the hotel season’s official availability on Blu-ray and DVD from the 3rd of October (Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment).

NOW you’re probably thinking – wait what has this got to do with food ‘eastlondonfoodgirl’?

Well, when you’re drunk and have been fed in minuscule bits of canapes you automatically need substance… right? We decided to try out Absurd Bird in Soho

…but more on that later.

Certainly, I had my doubts about what the event would be like (American horror story has always freaked me out). Yet once  we were there, I became completely invested in trying to solve the crime, talking to the actors and actresses and trying to outsmart everyone. (TRUST ME you’d have done the same). On arrival, we were each given booklets of critical information- who the characters were, what the hotel was like. More importantly, we were served with kir royales (creme de cassis with champagne- lovely darling) and canapes. My favourites had to be the small zucchini canapes which were rolled and stuffed with ricotta and sundried tomatoes. They also had mini steak tartars, Chicken liver parfait (mine fell all over my crucial mystery info.. it had to be me) and my favourite part.. mini desserts… who can say no to a mini apple crumble or five?


Studying our suspects (booze included)

Once we were ushered downstairs back into the “past” before and after the murder occurred, we were served with endless amounts of wine (red or white), and I must admit we were all pretty tipsy at this point- maybe this was to increase our willingness to participate and if so it worked. Katrina and I basically believed we were the new Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. We were given clues and had to tactically listen to private conversations. In the end; you had to vote for who you thought did it. Of course, my potential career as a private detective was a massive fail, and we both ended up getting the culprit wrong. Nonetheless, it was a really captivating and fun event that cleverly promoted the series- we even got to watch one episode. – (it turns out that the drunker you are the more surreal the series gets)


Two aspiring detectives

We then headed to Absurd Bird in Soho. We were both craving fried chicken, and it certainly hit the spot! They had a deal on cocktails until 8pm (£6 on each), so we decided to try the in house moonshine. dsc00279They had many different flavours – we tried both original and apple cinamon.- Naturally, I liked apple cinnamon better- it was sweet enough, but not too sweet that when having your cocktail you feel like you’re eating a dessert (which is technically never a bad thing I guess).

dsc00283For food, they have a twisted take on southern classics: I went for the fried chicken bao buns, and Katrina went for the fried chicken sliders. There is also a range of different side dish options and we went for the sweet potato fries– (they quickly disappeared). It’s a restaurant that’s easy going, the food is highly shareable (bonus), and it has many different choices on the menu to cater to all.dsc00284

The only downside was that ALL the desserts had sold out… every. single. choice. on the menu and we had been pretty adamant that we wanted to try the peanut butter cheesecake.

I mean, doesn’t everyone else look at desserts before main courses? …or perhaps just a restaurant’s menu beforehand?

I know I do.