Hi! My name is Sofia Dench, I’m half Italian, half English and I am a 22-year-old (pending) international politics masters, graduate. Despite my love of political strife,  I have always loved going out for food and cooking. While this was not always the case (when I first started university you were lucky if you could catch me making an omelette) over the years I have become more comfortable and excited at the process of replicating dishes and trying out new restaurants-  I now have a cabinet full of spices and herbs that are itching to be used. As Drake would say- started from the bottom now we here (joking!). I live alone in an apartment in London and sometimes cooking at the end of the day gives me that extra hobby (and validation that drinking wine by yourself is perfectly okay!).

Living in London also means you are constantly surrounded by amazing places to eat. I grew up in both Singapore and Bahrain and as cheesy as it sounds, being an international person has really made me appreciate foods from around the world a whole lot more. I am now constantly on the hunt to try new restaurants, especially local ones around me, which inspired the name for this blog.

This blog was created so that I can sometimes review restaurants, at times cook and sometimes just discuss what and where I’ve been eating.

Because who doesn’t love food? Am I right?