Tapas at Morito, Hackney Road

Mark and I have made a new years resolution to always try and get out and do stuff. He’s always in Edinburgh during the week and it when it comes to the weekend it gets all too tempting to stay in, cook food and Netflix and chill. Last Friday, we decided to visit Morito on Hackney road.The food has influences from Southern Spain, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean. I had been there before, but it was Mark’s first time, and he is usually not one who would automatically get a craving for tapas. Believe me, this restaurant changed it all for him.


Upon arrival, we were seated around the marble-topped bar and given a suggestion to start with a light (and slightly bubbly) white wine. Mark and I were already hungover from the night before (me more so than him), so we did not get to fully indulge in the wine selection as much as we would have liked. The menu has a separate vegetable, meat and fish section and we decided it would only be fair to try a little bit of each. (I mean obviously, who do you take us for?)

From the vegetable section we ordered:

  • Cretan cheese fritters with thyme honey (£6)

If you love cheese, these are the best! The honey really accentuated the flavours and cut through the fried batter. So tasty.dsc02564

  • (Labneh, roast aubergines, pomegranate & pistachio £7)

dsc02557This was also so moreish. Our waiter also suggested we have this with some of the flatbread to mop up all the goodness and appropriately enjoy the dish. This was such a great shout. The flatbread was delicious, spiced with a bit of Za’atar and served with extra virgin olive oil. I had to stop myself eating it all, so I had space for all the other dishes that were to follow.


For fish, we decided to try the fried squid with sumac & za’atar (£12).

I know that calamari can always be a hit and miss for people- sometimes the batter can be soggy, or sometimes the squid chewy but I can assure you this was none of those! It was perfectly crispy on the outside and soft inside.


Next, Meat. We went for two dishes because we couldn’t decide between the two and because we are two fat asses (hehe jokes not really though). Mark was adamant we should try the charcoal grilled quail with rose harissa (£9.5 ), and I wanted to try the beef tagine with prunes, couscous & coriander (£9). So, our version of settling a disagreement was just caving in and trying both. A win-win situation if you ask me.

dsc02579dsc02571Again, I cannot fault the food and the dishes provided. The meat was tender and juicy, and the quail was similarly succulent. Each dish was rich with flavour and unique. I love how it was something we would never usually choose, but we both decide-  This tapas place is the bomb.

To finish off a lovely evening, we decided to have a dessert. Well, I decided, and Mark was forced to follow. I mean, everyone needs a sweet treat after a feast am I right? We went for the chocolate & olive oil mousse with hazelnuts and orange (£6.5). This sounds so weird, but the olive oil made it that much creamier and decadent. All topped with the acidity of the orange and the crunch of the hazelnut, it was a little pot of greatness.


If anyone is looking for a cute tapas place to go with friends or on a date to enjoy good food, Morito is the place for you.


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