Review of Jackson & Rye, Bank Branch

My lovely friend Katrina once again pulled it out the bag this week when she invited me along to review Jackon & Rye with her. It serves American style food in a relaxed atmosphere. Knowing we were planning to go all out; I had a small breakfast and lunch in anticipation. It also turns out that my internship requires working on daily food and lifestyle content, which really gets you feeling hungry. All this meant that by the time I sat down for our dinner reservation I was starving. Having arrived a bit early, I was recommended to try an old fashioned cocktail while I waited. I loved the way it was served in a mini bottle and ice bucket, but in hindsight, I’m not a fan of stiff drinks. I had to shamefully wait for the ice to melt until I could enjoy it BUT I did feel slightly cool, and the guy next to me obviously didn’t take me for an old fashioned kinda gal, so I guess that’s always a bonus.


For food, we ordered a HUGE selection off of the menu, and we did have some waiters tease us that perhaps we had gone a little overboard. Nonetheless, we ate it all like champions and if anyone is looking for people to professionally eat and try as much food as they can at a restaurant- we are your girls. For our starters, we decided to try the:

  • Truffle & Polenta Hush Puppies
  • Corn Dogs
  • Salt & Pepper Squid
  • Crunchy Chorizo Prawns


I think Katrina and I would both agree- the starters were some of our favourite dishes and a highlight of our meal. For one, I loved the gimmick of the mini corn dogs and the calamari was perfectly crispy and cooked perfectly. Sometimes I find it can run the risk of being overcooked or rubbery and I’m happy to report that was definetly was not the case. The Truffle and Polenta hush puppies were also incredibly moreish, and truffle is THE BEST thing to add to anything – in fact, my sister and I are going to a truffle-themed night on Tuesday. Some shameless self-promotion there. Finally, the prawns were coated in crisp batter and had a delicious mango chilli chutney dip that kept me going back for more.  

Onto mains- ( i told you, we went bigggggg!). We decided to go for the: buttermilk chicken, (one portion each you’ll be pleased to know) with Cajun fries and a wonderfully broad array of sides. We tried:

  • The baked mac and cheese,
  • The Tenderstem broccoli with gremolata 
  • A portion of the Gem lettuce wedges with ranch dressing, bacon crumb & blue cheese. 


For anyone that knows me, I always enjoy a bit of fried chicken, so I feel like I’ve become a fried chicken expert. It was certainly crunchy, juicy and I loved the cajun inspired flavours, however, I have had better. I think that’s because I have usually gone to restaurants that only serve that on the menu and the great thing about Jackson and rye is the assortment of different options available. Furthermore, regarding the sides, the broccolini was nice and light, and I think we both decided we needed some greens amongst all the carbs. The gem lettuce salad was also tasty, and I enjoyed the contrast of the crunch of the bacon crumb and the smooth dressing, but it was ultimately not my favourite out of the side dishes. However, regarding the mac and cheese, who doesn’t love a good portion of melted oozing cheese?

Just when you thought we had finished our meal and called it a day, we naturally had to try the desserts. Katrina and I had been messaging in the day analysing the food options and deciding what we would go for. I’ve mentioned this already, but my friends are all foodies, so it was hilarious (and perfect) that we had some idea of what we wanted to try. We went for the pecan pie with caramel ice cream and a bourbon and maple syrup sauce, as well as the Peanut Butter Fudge S’mores. Both of these were amazing. Especially the smores dessert. I am a huge fan of peanut butter, and the marshmallow was charred to the perfect consistency, so it was still soft and gooey in the middle.


Overall, I felt like I would never be able to eat again considering how full I was and I think its safe to say we had a great time. The staff were attentive; there’s a vast option of different dishes and drinks, and it’s the tasty sort of comfort food anyone would love. Next time, I would like to try a different main and perhaps even try more starters…

No judgement okay?



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