Sunday Brunch at Smokey Tails

If you can’t already tell I am a sucker for breakfast dishes and so on the weekend it is only natural I take advantage of brunch- let’s face it, we all should. It’s that unique part of the day where you’re not quite sure if you’re still eating breakfast but it is still acceptable at lunch, and dishes usually range from the traditional to the wacky and wonderful.

Today, Mark and I were craving something different. My rule with brunch is I try and look for dishes that I couldn’t easily make at home or that I wouldn’t think of ever making myself. We decided to walk to Hoxton as I wanted to try out Smokey Tails. Nestled in Hoxton Square, it is a bar that also serves food which they coin as ‘Midwest Modern’ and inspired by home styled BBQ flavours. Upon arrival, we were eager to try out the menu, and since I had had no other food this morning, I was particularly hungry.


Didn’t know Mark was taking this obviously…

We spent about a good 15 minutes debating our choices as per usual. I have mentioned this before, but it is worth repeating that when Mark and I go for brunch, we have a pact where we share our dishes. This is so if Mark’s dish is somehow better than mine (which sometimes can happen) I won’t have to deal with his subtle laughs and sniggers of triumph. This also requires great thinking and deliberation in case we’re then left with a bad choice and sour taste in our mouths as we sit there moping in regret.- We take our food seriously. 


Laughing at my jokes cause, I’m so funny


I decided to go for the fried chicken on a crispy French toast brioche with maple syrup and bacon ( I’m aware I always seem to write about fried chicken and waffles, but we couldn’t resist after hearing about its crunchy base, and we do usually have waffles – The French toast is on some next level).


Mark, on the other hand, went for the pulled pork benedict with poached eggs and HP hollandaise. I will say that in our excitement to eat I forgot to take a mental note of prices, but each dish was around £8-10.


I’m definitely going to say that this was a winning place if you’re looking for a brunch that does things a little different. For one, the flavour combinations were delicious! It’s that sort of food where you feel guilty because it’s so indulgent, but you just don’t care enough to stop or give it a second thought. I will say that it was good sharing both as the BBQ pulled pork was both tangy and salty which went well with the runny egg and thick hollandaise. I also liked that they switched up a classic with the HP and pork. In terms of the fried chicken and french toast, that was another winner for me– although I must say we did end up asking for extra maple syrup.. oops

Overall, Smokey Tails- you are officially another brunch win on my list and as I sit here and write this I’m still feeling stuffed but most certainly satisfied. 

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