Festive Menu at Ma Plucker

Once again, (this is beginning to sound like deja vu- big up Katrina) my fellow foodie and friend invited me along to the Ma Plucker Festive Menu Debut.


Ma Plucker’s ethos is all things chicken- including fried and rotisserie, as well as yummy guilty pleasure sides like fried halloumi bites. However, we didn’t try the standard menu – we were there to taste the ‘afternoon festive tea’ – done in the spirit of celebrating the festive season of Christmas!

For £18.50 you are given a glass of prosecco or boozy cranberry iced tea on arrival and then unlimited regular cranberry iced tea after- as well as three savoury and three sweet dishes. Katrina and I arrived super early (both hungry and eager to eat some chicken!) and patiently waiting for some delicious goods to come out the kitchen. You know when you’re early to a party, and you sit there chatting but in your mind you’re kind of like…. okay I’m hungry now – that was us.

The Menu consists of three brioche bun sandwiches and three desserts all laid out bare on a platter for you to sink your teeth into.


The savoury options were:

  • Mini coronation pulled chicken bun 


  • Mini rotisserie chicken bun with bbq sauce


  • Sylvia’s festive bap (she’s the Ma plucker mascot- no lie and this had cranberry sauce slathered all over)


Overall, I have to say that while the sandwiches were tasty- they weren’t necessarily my favourite. I think despite the cranberry, most of the sandwiches resonated with summer flavours for me. Don’t get me wrong – it was yummy and in terms of the theme, it does stick to what afternoon tea would usually serve, but I was secretly hoping for more warming dishes like some crispy fried chicken. I was actually left more curious for the main menu main dishes and will definitely have to go back to try them.

Then, onto my favourite part– the lowdown of the Sweet Treats:

  • Mini mince pies (unfortunately i am not a huge fan of mince pies in general- oops guilty)
  • Salted caramel doughnuts


  • Ma’s Scoffle (waffle cream and strawberry jam)


I LOVED THE DOUGHNUTS. I’ve put that in capitals to express how much I loved them. I think I  ate about three because Katrina kindly offered me one of hers (thanks, gal!). They were soft and melted in the mouth. I also really enjoyed the take on a classic scone, and the waffle jam cream combination is especially moorish!

The team also kindly came about offering some of the mini versions of their fried mac and cheese. Again, I love mac and cheese and anything fried, so these really hit the spot and left me craving more.


Overall, I would say I enjoyed my time at Ma Plucker, and I loved the concept of a chicken shop serving hearty dishes. However, if I had to pick, I would probably go for the main menu which seems to give you a lot of choices to craft the perfect chicken concoction to your own liking and ensures that you can go back multiple times and never have the same dish! 

Winner winner chicken dinner. (pun intended).

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