(Boozy) Brunch at Dirty Bones

If you have me on snapchat, then you will know all too well that a group of my friends and I probably got way drunker than we should have on Saturday (and if you don’t thank God because I was an embarrassment).

This was because we had spent our lunch time (boozy) brunching at Dirty Bones on Carnaby Street. I always find it difficult to make any decision and restaurants are no exceptions. However, when you try to book a spontaneous brunch for six people in London, and everything expectedly comes back to those seven hated words: ” no bookings  within 2.5 hours of your request”, I randomly decided to check the Dirty Bones website and hastily clicked confirm after I finally found an opening.  I’d heard good things about the food and the Carnaby chain offers two hours of bottomless Prosecco for £19.00, so it was certainly a tempting choice and meant I was able to finally give it a try. After having THE worst morning from hell- ( i am always late, and this time, luck was most definitely not on my side) I arrived and promptly guzzled back as much prosecco as I could. Ah, much better. 


We all ordered a selection of different dishes, and this meant our satisfaction also ranged from great to mediocre.  Focusing first on the positive, Mark, Kyal and I ordered the fried chicken and waffles with a fried egg (£10) (and maple syrup of course!). For me, this was a decadent (and winning) dish and I’m sure the guys would also agree. I have always loved the combination of crispy fried chicken, soft and bouncy waffles and the sweetness of the syrup all on top. I had never added an egg to the mix, but personally, I still loved eating it all the same. Paul, if you’re reading this, you picked a boring dish, and it didn’t quite make the cut onto the blog (jokes)- Paul was craving a chicken burger, which came accompanied with crunchy baby gem lettuce, chipotle aioli and the dirty bones sweet chilli sauce (£8.50). He also ordered this with a side of skinny fries with onion and garlic salt(£4), as did some of the others.


My other friend Sava had the ‘McDaddy’ (£10) which was a juicy burger, topped with succulent pulled beef short rib, creamy mac & cheese and a dirty bones BBQ sauce to round it all off. He said he thoroughly enjoyed it and I believe him- after all, mac & cheese in a burger is always bound to be a win.

dsc00894_fotorNow,  moving on to our slightly less favourite dishes. For one, my friend Laura had ordered avocado on toast. If you’re a firm lover of avocado on toast and enjoy making it regularly for breakfast (or lunch/dinner/ a snack- whenever), then this dish may leave you a bit disappointed. Other than the mild tasting tomato chilli jam, it was bland and not worth the money (£8).


Also, Louisa ordered the Bacon Toastie (£8), which should have actually been named the caramelised onion toastie as that is what dominated- I think the ratio of onion to bacon should have been bacon> onions but hey, each to their own right. Although I will say she did also have a side of mac and cheese which was scrumptious- it arrived bubbling hot and was topped with crispy parmesan crumbs, giving it a nice crunch against the smooth cheesy sauce.


Despite my two minor complaints, (honesty is after all the best policy)- overall we had an awesome day. While food is everything, the prosecco also went down a treat. Regarding the drinks, the staff were excellent and attentive, regularly checking glasses to see if they needed topping up and doing so until the last minute (literally.. we made sure of it). We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and said we would return again. If you were searching for a boozy brunch, the Carnaby branch of Dirty Bones is totally worth italthough I would suggest avoiding the toastie options– but hey, that’s just my opinion.


What happens after boozy brunch?  Typically, you want to continue drinking, so you’ ll end up in a bar at 3:30 pm in Soho, buying each other bottles of wine thinking you all have the finest self-control in the world. Then, next thing you know its 12 am in Leicester Square ,you’re trying to find food and your way home and eventually stop to buy chilli chicken wings with your boyfriend at Jamie’s Diner (by the way best decision ever) … nope? Okay, just me then.



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