Sunday Sessions: Brunch & Chocolate Truffles

Recently, a group of us vowed to make full use of our Sundays and always plan something fun. (it’s the one day where everyone is pretending another working week is not about to begin- let’s be real)

Mark and I started off the day by going for brunch. I had always walked past PamelaΒ and had never had the chance to go. It serves food from the southern states of the U.S, and the menu was certainly different and unique to the typical brunch places I’ve ever been to! We decided to be adventurous (nearly everything was different to your standard scrambled eggs or avo toast anyways). We ordered the fried chicken with buttermilk biscuits and gravy (bear with me… this was AMAZING) and the Eggs Pont-Breaux (again I’ll explain!)


Fried Chicken, Biscuits and Gravy


Eggs Pont-Breaux

I’m not familiar with authentic American food from the south (a Tescos southern fried chicken wrap just doesn’t quite cut it). So, when the gravy was placed in front of us, and it was not what you would picture as ‘gravy’ if you live in the U.K and have roast dinners I was like…wait whaaaat? It was essentially more of a Bechemel sauce. Alone, it was average but mixed all together…. the southern states of the U.S know what they’re doing! The biscuits were slightly sweet, the chicken crispy and salty and the gravy tied it all together. On the other hand, the Crawfish Ettoufee originates from Louisana (so I’m told). It was like a stew, seasoned to perfection and full of crawfish and spices like cayenne pepper and parsley, laid over two poached eggs and biscuits. I don’t know why someone thought of putting this over eggs but trust me when I say… it works! I honestly could not pick a favourite out of these two. We were pleasantly surprised and satisfied.


My top = my life motto

Go here if you love brunch and you want to try something to your regular brunch destinations! There are also a few vegetarian and gluten-free options on the menu and if you are out to celebrate (or not) there is a Β£18 bottomless brunch option (food is not included, and you do have to eat) … next time I’m going to try the french toast with caramel rum sauce.. because.. who doesn’t love caramel and rum?We also went to Junkyard GolfΒ in Brick Lane. They have four different courses, and we went for ‘Helga’. You’ll be pleased to know I came joint third with Laura who always managed to do the courses with flying ease. I say ‘pleased to know’ because I am pretty shit at mini golf and at least I was not last (there were only four of us, though, but we can forget that part). Tickets are 9 pounds, and you can book it online beforehand. There is a bar near every course as well which is handy… booze and mini golf what more could you want.

Then, to top it all off as Mark, Sava and I were walking back home we passed Dark Sugars. It’s a chocolate shop that does truffles, chocolate and vegan treats! (Of course, I was like: wait! guys we HAVE to go in). We ( I say we but I mean I) picked an assortment out: Red Velvet, Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Mango and Chocolate Covered Almonds.


In my element

img_2741My least favourite were the almonds; they were basically just covered in raw cacao powder. But, the red velvet one (see above)… YASSSSS. I only bought us one each and as I’m sitting here writing this waiting for Mark to cook me pasta (thanks, babes) I am contemplating running into his room and eating the rest.

I wish I were joking.


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