Where it all began…

The perfect way to spend a Saturday morning:

Broadway market was one of the first food markets I found myself mesmerised by when I officially moved to East London. It is super local to me and sells everything from vintage clothing, fresh (and organic) fruit and veg, meats, seafood as well as different cuisines from around the world.

When I am not hungover (Like today -wahoo go me) I usually like to spend my afternoon going up and down all the rows of the market to make sure I know exactly what I’m in for. This is also so I don’t get jealous when someone else gets a better dish than me (this happens all the time… so I convince people that sharing is caring… haha suckers there’s always a method to my madness!)

Today my sister Rebecca, Mark and I decided to make our way over on this gloomy September’s day to brighten our spirits (and stomachs).

There was a whole stall dedicated to olives, and Rebecca chose the ones marinated in lemon, olive oil and tarragon, as well as a few items for her dinner. She’s recently moved to London to start uni and she luckily has been inspired by cooking a lot earlier than I ever was (better late than never right). Mark and I got some ingredients for our dinner: coriander, lemongrass, ginger, mangetout… any ideas on what cuisine we’re going for?


East London food Girl: In my natural habitat

Then we proceeded to get some lunch. I had been eyeing up Deeney’s toasted sandwiches for a while now and after coming back from Mexico recently and eating my entire body weight in guac and tacos… toasted cheese was exactly what I wanted. IT WAS DELICIOUS. Made with a large abundance of cheese, mustard, caramelised onions and rocket, it all was squished under a hot flat-iron and melted to perfection. Rebecca decided to try out the fried chicken (I obviously tried some as well… I am starting a food blog so…) it was crispy. But not as crispy as we quite liked it. Mark got fresh crab tortelloni with a simple dressing of olive oil and parmesan cheese (wise choice as you could really taste and appreciate the filling this way). Below are some of our food pictures (an upgrade, you’ll be pleased to know from my first post)… many of you told me there’s only so much visualising you can do when there’s no proof of the goods- SO HERE YA GO!


Butchies fried chicken and spicy guac


Just the way uh’ uh’ I like it


Hot iron in action at Deeney’s


And the egg keeps runnin’ runnin’


50 shades of olives


As Game of Thrones likes to remind us, WINTER IS COMING – however; if you love food as much as I do it is a great place to visit at all times of the year. I am currently feeling very food satisfied after that trip so make sure to pay it a visit, and if you have already been then, you know what I’m talkin’ abouuuuuut.

I’m already excited for our evening meal-tune into my next post to see what we made.


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